Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone,
We are in the Autumn Doyo (transition) into Winter with wild weathers east and west. At most every seasonal change time we have a period in the 10 days before and after the solstices and equinoxes where we experience a typically more intense period of weather. It often does a flip with the upcoming season before the transition and then the previous season after the solstice. Like now. we have cold and snow in the east and rain in the west, and i am expecting some better Autumn weather between Christmas and New Year’s. Let’s see.
I am excited about our new SeasonStudios.com website and our new products. Check them out, and please
Stay Healthy this Holiday Season.
Dr Elson

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Recent Travels

Hello All,

I just returned from a visit to Southern California, Santa Barbara to swim after my plane landed, Ojai for a wonderful wedding and then San Diego for a great conference with many informative and brilliant speakers who work in the field of Integrative Holistic medicine. It was sponsored by the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and lasted five days at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort & Spa. The food, scenic property and ambiance on the bay near Mission Bay were all great, as was the conference.

The ideas in new medicine helps us to look at the causes of problems and the systems involved that are out of balance and that need support. When we restore normal physiology, most health issues get better. I have many good insights that I can write about in my new book. Stay Healthy from Dr. Elson.

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Come visit about your health

Dr Elson is playing on his new blog. I will be giving you health tips on a regular basis. Tell me what you want to hear about. I have a new article coming out on on flu vaccines in my soon-to-be-published Autumn News for my website.

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Hello world!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my newest blog. here I will share with you the latest in health information and natural goings on. right now we have entered autumn and some longer nights and colder, damper times. prepare yourself now. And Go Giants baseball!

Dr Elson

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